I'm looking for an application that is capable of plotting graphically as boxes on a chart (System Chart) all the components and operations of a Makefile so that the chart be taped prominently to the wall for easy reference during the development process.

I'm a Ubuntu user by the way.


There are these 2 Perl modules which look like they do what you're looking for:

Yes they are named those names. There are examples on both those CPAN modules' reference pages that show how to do what you're asking. Makefile::GraphViz purports to make more sophisticated graphs than GraphViz::Makefile.

There is also a command line tool that comes with Makefile::GraphViz called gvmake that you can use to generate graphs without writing any Perl programs.

For example:

$ gvmake

Will run the default target in your Makefile, typcically all, and output a all.png file.

  • @richardtk_1 - glad it solved you problem! – slm Jul 12 '13 at 14:50

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