CentOS - I have created an ftp user that can log in remotely over the internet to the vsftpd server.

Now I can log in via ftp, see all the directory listings (not limited/jailed) to any directory, but I cannot create a new folder inside /var/www/html

When I want to create a new directory, it fails:

550 Create directory operation failed

Note, that I have done the following:

chmod 775 as well as chmod 777

as the root user on the server itself (using putty).

How do I get write access to a specific folder for an FTP user?

Note: I have the following permissions:

drwxr-xr-x. 6 david root 4096 Jul  7 20:30 html

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Have you typed


in your


otherwise you could use


for ftp users being able to login as local users. Hope that helps


Identify file vsftpd.conf

Edit it: vi /etc/vsftpd.conf

and then uncomment(#) the line: write_enable=yes

and finally, restart vsftpd: service vsftpd restart

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Let's do this. In /etc/vsftpd.conf add or uncomment these:


Then, systemctl restart vsftpd

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