I just upgraded my laptop to Fedora 19, which comes with Gnome Shell 3.8. Gnome shell 3.8 has got rid of the traditional Categories in favor of something called App Folders.

I have been trying to learn how to create and use them. One thing I have not been able to understand is why the 'Others' menu/app folder has all my apps.

In /etc/xdg/menus/gnome-applications.menu it is defined like:


        <!-- Really Fedora ??? -->
  </Menu> <!-- End Other -->

I read from some spec that <OnlyUnallocated/> tag should only match, and add to the menu, applications that have not been matched to any other menu. I also do not see where it decides to include the apps, as <Include></Include> just contains apps not to include. I assume it is either defined somewhere else, or the name 'Other' is just somewhat special.

Am I understanding something wrong about the definition of these menus, or is Gnome Shell 3.8 doing it's own thing, and not working 100% according to these files? (I suspect the former)

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