I have a program that reads user input—moves, it's a boardgame—from the user. Like so:

$ game
enter your move: 
# etcetera

The first N moves I need to repeat each time, so I put them in a text file, one line each. That works:

$ game < moves.txt

This works, but after these N moves, how do I return to input from the command line?

I realize this is probably a duplicate question, but I couldn't find it.


I actually found the answer on stackoverflow in the mean time, after some more intense Googling:

At https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1561055/switch-from-file-contents-to-stdin-in-piped-command-linux-shell:

(cat moves; cat) | game

And a very useful comment by Zack:

"For those who are interested, you can build onto the file containing commands as you go by using: (cat your_file_with_commands; tee -a your_file_with_commands) | sh your_script which will append each command to the file in addition to passing it to the script via the pipe."

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