When you connect to some remote machine using ssh, is there an easy way to address of the machine you connecting from ? (with some env variable, or hostname for instance)

Main use how that would be to scp/transfer file back where you connect from, without having to disconnect.

(Might be a possible duplicate, didn't realy how to well formulate the question)


As an extension of Bruce's answer, you can get only the originating IP address (instead of a string containing the IP address, the source port, and the destination port) by doing this:

echo "${SSH_CLIENT%% *}"

This works by stripping everything from the first space onwards, leaving you with only the originating IP.


If you have logged in via ssh, the environment variable SSH_CLIENT has the "from machine's" IP address in it.

If you have logged in via some other method (you should NOT be logging in via telnet), the who and w commands tell you where you came from.

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