I am using bash to try and get the last commit message of the most recent revision on a tree. In the documentation the closest thing I found was:

bzr log -l 1 --line

Which outputs:

45: Firstname Lastname 2013-11-20 some message here

I want to use bash regex to extract the message however the fact that the name field can be:

Firstname Lastname
Firstname Initial Lastname
Firstname Lastname <email>
Username <email>

It makes it a lot harder. I don't need you to build me a regex I would just like to know:

  1. If bazaar has some command that shows the message (cant find in http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.5/en/user-reference/index.html)

  2. Should I use regex and use the date as the anchor to parse out message?


Take a look at this SO Q&A titled: bzr logs: Get just the commit messages. You can use bzr log --short or write your own custom log formatter via a plugin to bazzar.

You can see more about the log formats using this command:

$ bzr help log-formats

In looking through the effort to make your own formatter through a plugin, I'd be inclined to just use one of the stock ones and run the output through either an awk or Perl filter.

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