Yesterday, While logging in to my Linux Mint(cinnamon) I noticed that my task bar has been missing. And when I open any window, there is no close/minimize/maximize button. All this sounds weird to me.

I tried rebooting. No change. I have no issue while logging in using gnome classic. All works.

I did not remember of something that I had changed recently. While digging on the internet for this I just found an odd question on mint forum. But unfortunately no answers. Can someone show some light into this?

Additional information:

While logging to my system i got window saying /tmp is not present or cannot recover /tmp - i dont remember it.


  • Asus P53E
  • Core i5-2nd generation
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Windows 8 PRO dual boot.

I have the answer. At least, for Linux Mint.

It is not a software problem, it is a configuration problem.

Right click on the task bar. Mine is a charcoal strip on the bottom.

Then click on the troubleshoot button and expand it.

Then click restore all settings to default.

That's it. I spent several hours researching and experimenting before discovering this. You can do it in under 20 seconds. Good luck!

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    I've made some improvements on your answer (you can make italic by putting it between two stars), and it looks now so wonderful, that I can't avoid to voting it up! Good luck! – peterh - Reinstate Monica May 11 '18 at 14:50

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