Is it possible to remap a key combination to a key in X server based system, so that for example if I press End + Arrow_up, keycode for Home is generated? Google seems to be silent on this issue. It would be great if there was a solution, since it would open up many possibilities for more convenient keyboard mapping.

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Take a look at this similar question over at superuser. Something like

"xdotool key Home"
  End + Up

in the .xbindkeysrc file should suffice.

If you really want to try to use xmodmap, a start would be to map either the End key or the Up key to a modifier key in .Xmodmap. For example, you could grab your two keys with xev and map the End key to mode_switch with

keycode NN("End" keycode) = mode_switch

and then map the mode_switch part of Up to Home

keycode NN("Up" keycode) = Up NoSymbol Home

But I am not sure about that part, you will have to experiment. What will definitely work is to let your desktop environmnet do the work(dconf etc.).

Another clue might be found here.

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