I have some giant files I'd like to back up by putting them on a server I am allowed to use for such things. However, I am uncertain about how much space I am allowed to use. Is there any way of checking this after I have sshed to said server?


You can test this quickly by trying to create a file of the appropriate size. for example, to see if you are allowed to create a 20 GB file, create one:

truncate -s 20GB foo

This will create a 20GB file called foo. If you can do this with no problem, you know you are allowed to.

  • FSVO 'allowed' -- he might be able to create a big file, but he's not necessary allowed to do it. – Flup Jun 24 '13 at 11:07

You could try quota if your sysadmin has set that up. Also see the output of df -h . (straight after logging in) which will tell you how much disk space is available on the filesystem where your home directory resides. Note however that this space is for the entire filesystem and not just for you.

Failing that, it'll just be an agreement between you and your sysadmin: I suggest that you ask him/her.

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