I have a D-Link DWM-156 HSPA modem, that I bought just a few days ago. The modem has drivers in its internal storage. There are Debian packages (.deb) for both i386 and amd64, so obviously I installed the amd64.deb using Software Center: 3g_modem_connect_D300_amd64.deb. Then I did:

sudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0x2001 product=0x7d01

I have confirmed that the device switched to usbserial mode from usb-storage mode, as the product ID was a706 before. Although there are no commands like usbdeviceswitchdlink after installation.

But here is the thing, the device is detected and I get the mobile broadband options in the network menu only when a SIM card is not present in the modem. If a SIM card is present, the modem switches to usbserial mode but after that, there is no change in the network menu. I can't use my modem in Ubuntu at all.


Well, this issue was fixed in Ubuntu 14.04. It also switches to USB modem mode automatically.

So, upgrading to 14.04 solved the problem.


I had had the same problem and have found a simple way to solve the issue. I have used the default usb_modeswitch itself to switch the storage mode to modem mode.

Double clicking will not install the .deb file for most of the users. So use dpkg command in terminal.

I have posted all the details with pictures so even beginers can easily solve the issue.


  • I have done all that. The modem switches from cdrom to usbserial mode. The product ID is 0x7d01. But its doesn't show up as a mobile broadband device when a SIM Card is present. It shows up only when there is no SIM Card. I have used multiple SIM Cards too. Same behavior. – Aneesh Neelam Jul 14 '13 at 8:43

Try sudo command along with usb modeswitch command. It worked for a couple of people. If mode switch is success and sim card inserted then try wvdial to connect, or try gnome-ppp it has more better gui, more satisfactory. Also definitly gives more options than default network-manager-gnome

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