I have just installed spf13 plugin for vim and I want to customize .vimrc file.

When ever I try to save the edits it says: ".vimrc" E166: Can't open linked file for writing syntastic: info: no active checkers for filetype vim Press ENTER or type command to continue

I have tried saving with w! and everything that says here

How can I edit .vimrc?


The spf13 documentation says you must do your local changes in a ~/.vimrc.local file. If you really want to mess with the ~/.vimrc file I suggest you use either another editor or try to force the filetype using :set filetype=txt before saving.

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It appears to be a misconfiguration of the Syntastic plugin (as it reads): https://github.com/scrooloose/syntastic

Perhaps you could try to deassociate Syntastic in your .vimrc from checking .vim filetypes - the readme seems to have tips on that!

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