I was wondering if there is support in Linux Kernel for RapidIO packets filtering, something similar to iptables, but based on RapidIO header?


It appears to be supported. I found this text that shows how to enable the features within the Linux Kernel:


Say Y here if you want to use DMA Engine frameork for RapidIO data
transfers to/from target RIO devices. RapidIO uses NREAD and
NWRITE (NWRITE_R, SWRITE) requests to transfer data between local
memory and memory on remote target device. You need a DMA controller
capable to perform data transfers to/from RapidIO.

If you are unsure about this, say Y here.

Type : boolean
Prompt: DMA Engine support for RapidIO
Defined at drivers/rapidio/Kconfig:25
Depends on: RAPIDIO [=y]
-> Bus options (PCI etc.)
-> RapidIO support (RAPIDIO [=y])
Selects: DMADEVICES [=y] && DMA_ENGINE [=y]

Additionally on kernel.org the feature RapidIO is discussed here and here.

Finally I found a presentation from 2005 Linux Symposium (Vol. 2 - Ottawa, CA) where there was a presentation titled: RapidIO for Linux. In this PDF on page 43 of the PDF (actually page # 35 in the docs) is an abstract from that presentation which discusses RapidIO support.


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