a part of out homework assignment is to recover deleted files from the partition with the ext4 file system.

I've tried using the extundelete tool, by following this tutorial. The tool recovered a lot of files, which couldn't be opened, so I guess this doesn't do me any good.

Is there any other tool I could try, to recover the deleted files, or is this tool the best there is? I didn't write anything to the partition, before the recovery process, and I recovered the files to another partition.

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If you use software that risk modifying the deleted partition you should first make an image of the disk using dd, dd_rescue or the like.

When it comes to tools you could try out TestDisk and PhotoRec. TestDisk, now at version 6.13 has had support for ext4 since version 6.11.

TestDisk is gained towards partition recovery, whilst PhotoRec uses file carving.

If platform is not an issue you could also have a look at e.g. Hiren's BootCD. Beside TestDisk and PhotoRec v 6.14b it has a long list of other nice tools. Look under e.g. "Hard Disk Tools" and "Recovery Tools" (expanded by See CD Contents » on above link.)

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