Is there any way to get information about an available package update via zypper?

I can get info about a patch with:

zypper info -t patch pachNameHere

and I can obtain the patch name via:

zypper list-patches

I want to do something similar with zypper list-updates to get info about those updates like release notes, bugfixes, etc in order to know how important they are.

I am also using the zypper nagios plugin (nagios-plugins-zypper)

Any suggestion?


The best way I found is to use PackageKit CLI (pkcon). It's very usefull since it is used by other distros and can be a standarized way to query about software updates.


Get a list about all updates

pkcon get-updates

Then you can query updates about a specific package:

pkcon get-update-detail foo


pkcon get-update-detail udev 

I am not using zypper but is been launched from command line so I can script it. Also, there is a nagios plugin using PackageKit

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