I want to share the contents of my external HDD with my Android phone.

For the last two hours, I've been trying to correctly set up Samba - it was absolutely horrible.

There must be another, simpler way to set up file sharing over a (W)LAN, because learning 200 new shell commands in a hostile and unknown environment definitely isn't something I want to waste my time on.

Is something as FTP my solution?


For the occasional file share there's WOOF (Web Offer One File). Woof is trivial to use. It offers files over HTTP and also allows files to be uploaded. Here's the usage:

 Usage: woof [-i <ip_addr>] [-p <port>] [-c <count>] <file>
           woof [-i <ip_addr>] [-p <port>] [-c <count>] [-z|-j|-Z|-u] <dir>
           woof [-i <ip_addr>] [-p <port>] [-c <count>] -s
           woof [-i <ip_addr>] [-p <port>] [-c <count>] -U

To offer up a file:

$ woof filename

You can control whether it allows a file to be downloaded/uploaded by including the -U switch. All that's required is a browser to interact with woof.


$ woof Software\ Development\ Guide.docx
Now serving on

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