I've compiled a kernel to use richacls, and compiled the richacl's utility, (but not the e2fsprogs). I've mounted a loop file with richacl flags

/root/fs_prueba_10mb on /media/ext4_con_richacl type ext4 (rw,loop=/dev/loop0,richacl,user_xattr)

There is no problem when I do:

# richacl --get file

but if I try change the attributes:

# richacl --modify facevedo:rwpCo::allow file 
file: Invalid argument

I'm using a 64-bit system, I've linked /usr/lib64/librichacl.so.1/usr/lib/librichacl.so.1.

What am I doing wrong?


I had the same problem. Finally, I was able to set richacls with a version of richacl-tools compiled from the commit 95baa060f677e54de11b00d08aacd563fd059270.

It seems that the definition of the kernel richacl-fullset struct richace_xattr did not correspond with the definition in richacl-tools.

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