I need to extract an archive that contains files whose names are longer than 256 characters. Every common filesystem I have tried (ntfs, ext3, ext4) has a limitation on filename size at 255 or 256 bytes. Is there a filesystem I can easily use in a Debian system (mkfs, mount, etc) that helps me get around this limitation?


Looking at this comparison of filesystems, it looks like the only one shipped with Debian that supports filenames longer than 256 characters is the (slightly notorious) reiserfs.

You can create and mount a new 100MB filesystem without needing to use a separate device like this:

# apt-get install reiserfsprogs
# dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/username/reiser-filesystem bs=1048576 count=100
# mkfs.reiserfs -f /home/username/reiser-filesystem
# mount -o loop /home/username/reiser-filesystem /mnt
  • Awesome; I tried this earlier but got stuck trying to mount -t reiserfs. This works. Thanks! – Suchipi Jun 8 '13 at 0:49

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