I have this script (it is actually a snippet from a bigger script).


 if [ $actualsize -ge $MAXSIZE ]; then
  read dummy FILEPOINT <<EOF
  `dd if=myfile skip=8001 count=1 bs=1|od -x`

When I run it, I get

./bugged.sh: 9: Syntax error: end of file unexpected (expecting "fi")

Apparently, the problem is the "EOF". Why does this happen and how can I achieve the same result (reading from myfile)?


Either stop indenting the EOF, or use <<-EOF earlier and indent it using tabs.


Ignacio explained the error you get, but you may want to simplify your code and avoid the here document in the first place like:

filepoint=$(od -An -j 8001 -N 1 -t x1 < myfile)

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