The scenario: I log on a server using ssh, and search for keywords in a log file using vi.

The problem: at the moment, the results of a search is only highlighted by a cursor _ below the searched word, which is not very easy to find on a screen of log messages.

The question: how can I change the highlighting of the search results to something more noticeable? e.g. different background and foreground colors on the whole word.

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  • previously I used set cursorline to help finding the search result. But set hlsearch works better – phuclv May 15 '17 at 7:28

Switch to vim, and use :set hlsearch

You can then use :highlight Search ctermfg=yellow to customize; where:

  • cterm is for formating
  • ctermfg is for foreground color
  • ctermbg is for background color

see :help highlight link

You can then use :noh to temporarily hide the last search highlight.

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  • You can add the first two settings to your ~/.vimrc, without the leading :. You can also bind :noh to a key, for ease of use. – demure Jun 3 '13 at 18:47

Also, FYI, in GUI version of Vim:

  • gui is for formatting (as opposite of cterm)
  • guifg is for foreground color (as opposite of ctermfg)
  • guibg is for background color (as opposite of ctermbg)
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