I need to view a large (50000x40000 px) png image on Linux. Unfortunately most tools (eog, convert etc.) either crashes or fail with note about too little memory.

Is there a way to view this image (I would prefer to see both the resized image and details)?


I would try viewing it in gimp. Should be in your distros' repositories, main website's here. Lots of tutorial are available through a simple google search.

When I tried to open your image size I needed to up Gimp's default paging limit so that it could accommodate it. It's under the menu Edit -> Preferences:

                        ss of prefs

If Gimp can't handle the image or you want something lighter then you might want to try feh. Feh's main web site is here. Again should be in repositories. You can run it from the terminal like this:

feh -F <image>

This will size it to fit the screen.

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    Thanks. I knew about Gimp but I didn't know that it handles memory so well. In fact I needed to decrease the page limit to keep system usably (otherwise it kept paging). – Maciej Piechotka Jun 2 '13 at 21:29
  • Thanks, I didn't know about that either. Glad it solved your issue. – slm Jun 2 '13 at 21:34

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