As you can see here, Canonical is releasing the images for Ubuntu touch, the problem is that apparently those are snapshots from a complete installation, there is no installer here and no vmlinuz + initrd.

Also in qemu-system-arm -M help there is no platform that can fit one of the 4 that are officially supported, Does anyone knows how to run Ubuntu touch under qemu ? I have tried the classic way with kernel options and different boot options but nothing happens, I also can't really figure out what Canonical means with bootimg, they are supposed to be initrd ? kernel images ?

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Boot.img are images for fastboot that contain the kernel. It's android specific. You can unpack these, but there is no build for a reference board that Qemu supports.

You can run Unity-next on the desktop. This is build in Qt and QML so as long as all dependies are build on the desktop, it can run. Here's a how-to: http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unitynext/

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