file -i <here msi file> returns application/vnd.ms-office and I think that is wrong. I need a more specific mime type for msi files. I know about magic files. I have no internet on this PC so I need edit file manually. How can i correctly do that?

  • What is it exactly you want to accomplish?
    – schaiba
    May 29, 2013 at 13:04

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On my RHEL system, the file command sits ontop of libmagic and uses that to do the file magic detection. The magic is defined at /usr/share/misc/magic (with symlinks to that file at /usr/share/file/magic and /usr/share/magic). The syntax of the file is a little complicated (understandably) but it should be described under man 5 magic if not here is an online copy of the man page.

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