I sometimes see the command :

notify-send -u critical -t 3000 "Example"

However, with -u critical, it seems like the notification doesn't time out. What is the purpose of adding a timeout option then?

Do you have a link which explains exactly what the notify-send does? The ones I found were not very detailed in their explanations.

What is the purpose of the -u option, btw?

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    Did you read the man page? Both options are explained. And the timeout command works here on my system. – Marco May 26 '13 at 23:05
  • @don_crissti Well, it works here, and I'm running Gnome 3. Either that bug has been fixed or it's gnome-shell related, I don't use gnome-shell. – Marco May 26 '13 at 23:28

You cannot get a more exact description than this. If that is too heavy for you try the man page. That is probably also available on your system (man notify-send)

BTW link only questions are frowned upon at SX, as link targets may (will) disappear over time and invalidate an answer. Explicitly asking for links is not something you should do.

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It is considered a 'design decision' by the maintainer.

The timeout feature can not be done on all systems.

For more info see:


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