I use KDE with a dark color scheme so the text main color is white. Unfortunately this causes many websites to be unusable because text inside combobox, checkbox, and similar inherits the white color and so is white, while the background does not inherits the black color from the color scheme so is again white. So you have white on white.

I use firefox as my main browser but this happens also in chromium and rekonq.

Is it possible to fix this?

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I have answered what I think is a similar question here. I have copy-pasted most of the answer from there below. I don't know if it is ethical to do. Apologies in advance if it isn't. If it isn't the right thing to do , I'll delete it.

The following deals with Firefox, but the relevant code should be usable in Google Chrome when placed in ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/User Stylesheets/Custom.css. For Chromium, look in ~/.config/chromium/Default/User StyleSheets/. I have no knowledge about the third browser.

Close (exit) all instances of Firefox. Go to your profile folder. It is here: /home/your_name/.mozilla/firefox/randomstring.default. In there, look for a subfolder called chrome.
If it doesn't exist, create it.
To create the chrome folder you can use your file manager (or the command line with mkdir chrome).
If chrome does exist, look for a file called userContent.css. Otherwise, create an empty text file with this name in the chrome folder. Now open userContent.css with a text editor and paste in or append this code:

INPUT, TEXTAREA {color: black !important; background: #aaaaaa !important; }

Save the file (as plain text) and close the text editor. Restart Firefox. You should now have black text on a light gray background. You can use whatever color combination you prefer.

Notes: chrome and userContent.css are case-sensitive and should be spelled correctly. The settings here will take precedence over those in the OS theme and will remain the same in Firefox irrespective of which gtk theme you switch to.

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