When I try to connect to wifi, dhcpcd gets stuck,

# dhcpcd wlxf42853190543
dhcpcd-10.0.6 starting
DUID 00:01:00:01:2d:1b:d8:8a:f4:e8:53:d9:78:b1
wlxf42853190543: waiting for carrier

and times out. I cannot connect.

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It may simply be a case of using the incorrect wifi password. Update it and you should then see

wlxf42853190543: carrier acquired
wlxf42853190543: connected to Access Point: nibbleston

Indeed, in https://superuser.com/questions/903464/wpa-supplicant-detecting-that-my-password-is-incorrect we see it is often very hard to get simple notification of such problems.

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