Profile-sync-daemon can be installed in Debian based systems with sudo apt install profile-sync-daemon and in Arch based systems with sudo pacman -S profile-sync-daemon, but it lacks native support for Brave browser.

Here is how to do it.

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An extra configuration step from this Github page: Add Brave Browser/Files Changed is needed. Therefore I decided to write this answer for my own use and possibly to help others.

In Arch based systems one can also install a specific daemon profile-sync-daemon-brave from AUR, in which case this extra step is not needed.

  1. Create a new file brave in /usr/share/psd/browsers that contains:

  2. Possibly in ~/.config/psd/psd.conf you must keep the default - all browsers - as commented.

  3. Preview status of profile-sync-daemon:

    psd parse

  4. Possibly you need to restart daemon:

    # for current user
    systemctl --user restart psd.service
    # for all users
    logout / reboot 

    or if that does not help

    # for all users
    sudo systemctl --global disable psd.service
    logout / reboot
    sudo systemctl --global enable psd.service
    logout / reboot

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