I own a USB WiFi device which works well, until I try to connect to anything encrypted.

I want to use this USB device as an AP, ideally with nmcli. How do I do so?

All the sources I've found, show clearly, how can I create a (WPA or WPA2) encrypted AP. I have found nothing to create an AP without any encryption.

Google is surprisingly silent in the topic.

  • What's the make/model of the device? More importantly, what does lsusb tell you about it? Jan 18 at 22:43
  • Belkin usb, rtl8172u driver, works as not encrypted wifi client and that is all. Some years ago, it was yet possible to set up a not encrypted wifi, today it seems a forbidden knowledge; what makes me a little bit annoyed. Its driver is in staging and it does not support the "new" 80211 kernel api.
    – peterh
    Jan 19 at 0:31
  • In the question please. Make it easy for people to help you Jan 19 at 0:34
  • @ChrisDavies No. And I explain, why not: because it has nothing to do to the question. The question is only to set up a not encrypted wifi, my hw problems are offtopic here.
    – peterh
    Jan 19 at 0:35
  • Shrug. If you won't act as our eyes there's no point trying to help Jan 19 at 0:38

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To create an open AP, you need to set wifi-sec.key-mgmt to none:

sudo nmcli connection add type wifi ifname $WIFI_INTERFACE con-name $AP autoconnect yes ssid $AP
sudo nmcli connection modify $AP 802-11-wireless.mode ap 802-11-wireless.band bg ipv4.method shared
sudo nmcli connection modify $AP wifi-sec.key-mgmt none
sudo nmcli connection up $AP
sudo nmcli connection modify $AP connection.autoconnect yes

For general use, you need to check if your Wi-Fi card supports the AP mode:

WIFI-PROPERTIES.AP:                     yes

$WIFI_INTERFACE is the Wi-Fi interface name, $AP is the desired AP name.

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