I change htop settings by accident from time to time, and sometimes I don't know what I've changed. It's really easy when just about every key changes a setting.

Is there any way to reset the settings to defaults within htop, ie without having to find the config files in my profile and manually clear them?

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    chmod a-w ~/.config/htop will make htop config directory unwritable by all users. So if you change any config by pressing some buttons when using htop, the new config will not be wrote/stored into the config file, so next time you open htop it will go back to original config. Note in the past chmod a-w ~/.config/htop/htoprc also works, but it seems htop new version 3.3.0 makes it not working, I'm not sure why, I suspect "Write configuration to temporary file first" in changelog is the reason (github.com/htop-dev/htop/blob/…).
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    Commented Jan 22 at 1:19


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