I am configuring Kubernetes in a cloud environment.

I configured the cluster using the following command.

kubeadm init \
--apiserver-advertise-address= \
--pod-network-cidr= \
--apiserver-cert-extra-sans= \

I wanted to install Calico, so I referenced the official website to install it.

In the custom-resources.yaml file, I changed the CIDR to

# This section includes base Calico installation configuration.
# For more information, see: https://docs.tigera.io/calico/latest/reference/installation/api#operator.tigera.io/v1.Installation
apiVersion: operator.tigera.io/v1
kind: Installation
  name: default
  # Configures Calico networking.
    # Note: The ipPools section cannot be modified post-install.
    - blockSize: 26
      encapsulation: VXLANCrossSubnet
      natOutgoing: Enabled
      nodeSelector: all()


# This section configures the Calico API server.
# For more information, see: https://docs.tigera.io/calico/latest/reference/installation/api#operator.tigera.io/v1.APIServer
apiVersion: operator.tigera.io/v1
kind: APIServer
  name: default
spec: {}

When I look at the pod status, the calico-node pod is 0/1 Running, so I checked it with describe and got the following

error: calico/node is not ready: BIRD is not ready: BGP not established with this error.

I have allowed both with the firewall in the cloud console.

How do I fix this?

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The following solution worked for me:

Check your installation crd,try to update

      interface: eth*

to make sure your calico node binds to correct network device.

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