I have the reverse of this situation - How to share folders between win11(host) and Debian(guest)

Debian Buster, Windows 11, Virtualbox 7

Without the Windows 11 VM booted up, I clicked

Settings > Shared Folders > Machine Folders > Add Share

Then select the folder on the Linux host that I want to share with the mouse.

Then I click "auto mount" and under Mount Point write :


..but when I boot up the VM into Windows 11, the shared folder is not there.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong or forgetting?

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    Did you install the Virtualbox guest additions to enable sharing with Windows? According to the documentation regarding shared folders, you would not set a mount point for Windows guests and the volume will be available through file explorer (provided by guest additions). Jan 9 at 20:08
  • Thanks @GracefulRestart that did it, it's accessible now. Removed the mount point for Windows Guest. Actually every time I "inserted" Guest additions with the device menu, nothing happened and I had about 3 instances of drives. So I ejected all of them and then re-inserted once when it prompted me to install Guest Additions and that was it. It needs to be installed not just inserted.
    – cardamom
    Jan 9 at 20:25

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As resolved from the comments, make sure that the Virtualbox Guest additions are correctly installed in the guest.

Also, the configuration of Virtualbox shared folders on windows does not require a mount point, as it is handled by the guest additions and should be available in the file explorer.

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