I am running Linux on a hardware that has a 16 second hardware watchdog timer (sunxi-wdt 1c20c90.watchdog: Watchdog enabled (timeout=16 sec, nowayout=0)). I set in watchdog.conf:

watchdog-device         = /dev/watchdog
watchdog-timeout        = 16
interval                = 10

I want to ping a host with relaxed timing (every ~5 minutes) but watchdog.conf says that the ping test is executed every interval. My network link can take more than 10 seconds to come up after startup so I guess I could end up in a reboot loop.

Is there a way to relax ping timing in the watchdog daemon itself or do I need to write a custom test script?

  • Why not delay the loading of the wdt module until the network is up & running?
    – Bib
    Jan 7 at 21:00

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I have set retry-timeout = 600 in /etc/watchdog.conf for a timeout of 10 minutes for the ping test. You can test the configuration without hardware reboot, before you enable the watchdog service with

sudo watchdog -F -v -q

against a non existing IP.

A simulated timeout results in

watchdog[5643]: Shutdown blocked by --no-action (error 101 = 'Network is unreachable')

in /var/log/syslog

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