I'm using the ncftp utility. It has an edit command which handles the get, edit, put sequence for me as in GUI ftp clients.

It's great except for one thing, I get vanilla vim, with none of my settings. Ideally, I'd like to have it configured exactly the same as outside of ncftp (colors, key mappings, pathogen bundles, etc).

How can I force vim to load my settings when invoked from within ncftp?

NCFTP relies on the following environment variable to find the editor:

EDITOR="/usr/bin/vi" ; export EDITOR

Can that somehow be tweaked to force load my settings?

  • Is /usr/bin/vi a correct link to /usr/bin/vim? Otherwise, you could try to set your EDITOR to /usr/bin/vim. – lgeorget May 21 '13 at 23:05

I think you need to set the EDITOR environment variable like so:

EDITOR="/usr/bin/vim"; export EDITOR

Also if you have an alternative to $HOME/.vimrc that you want to use instead you could do the following:

EDITOR="/usr/bin/vim -u $HOME/.othervimrc"; export EDITOR

vim isn't loading vanilla. What's happening is the file you're editing isn't recognized because it is a temporary file.

ncftp / > edit appiniconfig.sh

Please wait while appiniconfig.sh is downloaded for editing.
/tmp/ncftp_editcmd.L1XVxZ:                             130.00 B    2.87 kB/s

Notice how you're actually editing ncftp_editcms.L1XVxZ. It is unfortunate that if you do care about syntax highlighting, you'll have to :set ft=javascript (or whatever) and I also want a nicer solution.

Sorry for this being a non-answer.

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