I need a command which will list the files between given date and time (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS - format) in to a text file.

I don want to use touch command as its creating permission issue.


You don't need to use touch if you have a recent version of a recent version of GNU find ( >= v4.3.3 ). With that you can do:

find /media/WD/backup/osool/olddata/ -newermt 20120101T1200 -not -newermt 20130101T1400

Please note the T between day and hours.

If you want to retry using touch to create reference files for -newer: you can put those anywhere where you can write ( /var/tmp?), as long as you specify the full path to -newer. So you might still find a place where you have permissions.

  • Thanks Anthon , giving path to -newer: worked with touch! – Mano May 23 '13 at 13:42

With zsh:

autoload age
ls -ldrt -- **/*(e{age 2013/03/06:13:20:00 2013/05/18:11:00:00})


info -f zsh --index-search=age

for details.

(note that it will be a lot less efficient than Anthon's GNU find solution as it will parse those dates, do 2 lstats for every file and sort the list of files (you can avoid that last part by adding oN to the list of globbing qualifiers; use D to include dotfiles)).

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