I have a program named fhome that provides shell completion for Zsh:

$ fhome <tab>
config     -- Manage system configuration
event      -- Manage events
help    h  -- Shows a list of commands or help for one command
object  o  -- Manage objects

I'd like to disable the short options (-h, -o) and descriptions, so the result after pressing <tab> would look like this:

$ fhome <tab>
config event help object

Is this possible, and if yes – how? Thank you in advance.

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A lot of aspects of completion can be configured through zstyle. If the completion code for fhome follows the usual principles:

zstyle ':completion:*:*:fhome:*:*' verbose no

There may be ways to generate this presentation of completions that aren't affected by the verbose style. If this code doesn't work, I can't offer more help without seeing the completion code. The transcript from ^X? (_complete_debug) might also help.


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