I wanted to install Linux Mint 14.1 using the Windows Installer (mint4win.exe). I copied mint4win.exe to HDD, and when I running it, it prompts me to uninstall Ubuntu. Previously I installed Ubuntu 12.10 using Windows Installer.

I want to install it to its own partition.

My partition table is like this:

  • Windows 8
  • Data
  • Data2
  • Sync
  • Ubuntu
  • Linux Mint

What should I do? I don't want risk my Acer Aspire V5-471 by normal install.

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I had the same problem when I was trying to install Joli Cloud OS along with Linux Mint.

I partitioned the hard disk and installed Linux Mint (primary Linux) on it and use wubi (or windows installer) to install Joli Cloud OS within the windows.


You can do it two ways:

1) Use virtualization software

2) Use your current partitioning and install OSs directly to partition

Remember to make backup :)

You should have some partitioning knowledge ( mount points ). You will find plenty of info about it.

Quoting from superuser.com

You can simply create a root / partition in your free space when you install Mint then, and avoid creating any other partition (you can decide this during the Linux installation process).

If you have enough RAM memory, you can skip creating a swap partition entirely. If you don't want a separate /home partition, you will simply have your home folder inside the root partition.

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