The dte editor a small and easy to use console text editor.

In readme or its online doc, both says:

(are the key features). However, I haven't found how to do the replace anywhere yet.

Even man dte doesn't mention anything about the replace operation, or how to get into the command mode to use it.

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The default keybinding for command mode of dte is Alt + x2.

To replace1 a pattern, enter command mode (: prompt) and type

replace 'pattern to replace' 'pattern to replace with' 

1. See the examples: https://craigbarnes.gitlab.io/dte/dterc.html#replace.
2. The command mode of the editor (Alt+x): https://craigbarnes.gitlab.io/dte/dterc.html
3. For more dte default keybindings: https://craigbarnes.gitlab.io/dte/dte.html#key-bindings and https://unkertmedia.com/11-debian-terminal-text-editors-to-try/ .

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