I'm getting some headaches recovering my Debian 11 system after an update of packages.

I have installed nvidia-driver in Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop and it was working.

After the updates, the welcome screen of Debian 11 is displayed and after a while the GUI is not loaded. A bluetooth error that goes in dmesg log goes to stdout, and I can't interact very well with the computer. Same goes into other interactive shells (Ctrl + F2, Ctrl + F3 etc., although I can enter commands even the commands are interpolated with the error logs in stdout).

The error that is displayed continuously is

Bluetooth: hci0: Reading Intel version information failed (-22)
Bluetooth: hci0: Intel Read version failed (-22)

I tried to stop bluetooth service with systemctl stop|kill bluetooth.service but the service is restarted automatically.

So, I think first thing to do would be to really stop the bluetooth service.

I saw in other stackexchange item to use rfkill to stop the service but the program is not installed and I can't install it because the system has not access to internet because apparently the wifi interface and lan interface was not initialized yet.

The GUI is Gnome using X Server system.

I guess the description here is some generic, so fill free to ask me more details.


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