I'm very new to using linux. When I try using nmtui to connect to wifi, the only option in "activate a connection" is wired connection. When I use nmcli dev status, it outputs wlo1 wifi unavailable. Are these things related? How do I connect to wifi? Additional Info:

  • Running Debian 6.1.52
  • nmcli dev status previously output "unmanaged" instead of "unavailable," which changed after I just went into NetworkManager.conf and changed managed=false to managed=true
  • nmcli radio outputs: wifi-hw enabled, wifi enabled, wwan-hw missing, wwan enabled
  • I do not have access to an ethernet connection

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Try rfkill command! sudo rfkill unblock all See: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-manage-wifi-interfaces-with-rfkill-command-on-linux

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