Seagate Pipeline HD hard-drive not found in Asus UEFI bios. Though when the machine is booted into Arch Linux with a live usb on the same machine it shows up.


  • Model Name: Pipeline HD
  • Model: ST3320310CS
  • Firmware: ES11
  • Brand: Seagate
  • Size: 320GB

Mother Board

  • Model Name: Asus B250 Expert Miner


  • Operating System: Arch Linux

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As it turns out this model of hard-drive comes with (Power Up In Standby) or PUIS features enabled by default.

To fix this boot a live install of arch linux then find the disk in question using fdisk -l. Once you have found the corresponding path Ex: /dev/sdX use the command hdparm -s 0 /dev/sdX to disable PUIS. Then enter the command sync and finaly shutdown.

Then simply wait for the machine to stop completely before removing the usb and starting the computer.

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