I am using Arch and bash. All packages are current and up to date.

I am using the nnn file manager.

I go into nnn and make a selection of 3 files by pressing the space bar while over each of the three files. This is how files are selected in nnn.

Then I should be able to press the r key to batch edit the selected filenames in neo-vim.

When I press r I see failed! in the bottom left hand corner of the terminal.

This is a rapid and very useful way to re-name files in a dir.

It was working and for some unknown reason has stopped.

ps nnn has no .config file to speak of and is set-up in .bashrc. Within .bashrc I have the following:

# setup bookmarks in nnn
export NNN_BMS='s:/home/$USER/linux_config'

# set nnn editor

export NNN_OPTS="H"
  • when I comment out the bookmarks line in .bashrc the problem persists
    – Kes
    Sep 17 at 9:19
  • same failure! response to the r key when using termite, lxterminal or xfceterminal to launch nnn from, in any directory I have tried
    – Kes
    Sep 17 at 10:07

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This is a working solution

nnn has many plugins as we see here https://github.com/jarun/nnn/tree/master/plugins

After reading this https://github.com/jarun/nnn/wiki/Troubleshooting#default-batch-rename-limits on the nnn page, I decided to download all the plugins, I will explore some of these anyway, so I could have use of the .nmv plugin, thinking it's presence might solve the problem.

So I opened up /home/$USER/.config/nnn/plugins and git cloned the plugins from here https://github.com/jarun/nnn.git into the plugins directory, and now everything is working.

The r key is now working as it should and I can batch edit file names again.

I'm sure this worked before without the plugins installed, so I still don't know why it did not work without them.

But it's a working solution if anyone else comes across this problem.

Still, I'd be interested to know what the problem is if anyone has any ideas.

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