While attempting to install Mint 21.2/Manjaro 23.0.1 on Irbis TW60 (system specs) I was dropped into an EFI shell. Booting from it is not possible, as outlined below.

What is known:

  • Secure Boot is off;
  • EFI Shell is at version 2.1;
  • Installer USB is on FS0;
  • EFI file is located at FS0:\efi\boot\grubx64.efi.

What is supposed to happen: Upon execution of any .efi file I should be thrown either into GRUB or memory check.

What actually happens: Nothing.

EFI shell output:

Shell> FS0:
FS0:> cd efi\boot
FS0:\efi\boot> dir
Directory of: FS0:\efi\boot\
04/15/2022 22:08 <DIR>      2.048 .
04/15/2022 22:08 <DIR>          0 ..
04/15/2022 22:08         $size_x  mmx64.efi
04/15/2022 22:08         $size_y  grubx64.efi
04/15/2022 22:08         $size_z  bootx64.efi
    3 File(s) $total_size bytes
    2 Dir(s)
FS0:\efi\boot> grubx64.efi
  • Maybe it uses a 32-bit version of UEFI for some reason?
    – telcoM
    Sep 12 at 15:16
  • @telcoM will try it out, guessing this is not unheard of? Sep 12 at 15:40
  • (1) Did you test your USB installation media at an other system [Legacy boot must be disabled!]? (2) How did you create the USB installation media? (3) Please update your question by providing the output of lsblk -o path,mountpoint,partflags,parttype,size,fstype,uuid
    – dodrg
    Sep 13 at 14:19
  • (1) No, I did not. (2) Using Rufus in both DD and ISO mode. (3) Seems irrelevant, as media was created on Windows. @dodrg Sep 13 at 18:20

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After testing various other distros I was able to launch a Debian ISO, and the installer on it. It failed at the "Installing the system" stage, installing manually via debootstrap however went well.

After chrooting I installed the grub-efi-ia32 package and installed grub as follows:

grub-install --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=$NAME --target=i386-efi

The device now works properly.

Lessons learned:

  • Not every 64-bit system uses a 64 bit bootloader.

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