There was an update from Zoom in early August 2023 (I forget the exact date) that has broken screen share completely for me and partly for a colleague who also uses Linux.

We both have Ubuntu 22.04 LTS machines, reimaged onto Dell machines that were originally windows.

I won't write more details because after a search, I thought it might be due to Wayland, and it was. So I will add my answer here to help others find it.

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I was fairly sure the problem was due to Zoom actually building towards X11 as a target, and then they were relying upon the XWayland compatibility layer to fix the problem.

But I couldn't easily figure out how to swap over to X11 and test this out. Then I ran across this article on how to switch between them, saw how incredibly easy it was, and wanted to post this for others to more easily discover.

The article says:

  • log out
  • log back in, but not all the way:
    • Click on your user name
    • Before you enter your password, instead click the gear icon on the bottom right
    • The gear icon lets you choose either Wayland (just called Ubuntu) or X11 (called Ubuntu on Xorg)
    • Then type in your password like usual

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