Here is mutt setup: I use offlineimap to fetch the mail and use msmtp to send the mail.

My concern is that when using this (msmtp), it appends my IP address in the header in every email that is sent. Since msmtp doesn't support a SOCKS proxy, I can't use a SSH tunnel to my VPS.

Is there anyway I can configure this setup to not reveal my IP address by using some sort of a tunnel to my VPS so that its IP is revealed and not mine? I searched a lot but the closest I could find was a SSH tunnel but I guess that was for the case if I was using mutt's inbuilt SMTP support and not a MTA such as msmtp.

  • Can you include an example of the IP in the header just so everyone knows exactly what you have and what you're trying to remove?
    – slm
    May 12 '13 at 5:52

You can wrap msmtp in tsocks or socksify (from dante-client) to make msmtp use your SOCKS server.

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