Some rescue operations and similar need to be done with the the drive or volume unmounted.

Previously I have downloaded an .iso of GParted which I put on a USB stick and booted up from it into a basic gui from which it was possible to rearrange the partitions on the disk.

Now I just deleted a single file I've been working on for days with rm (I know..) and need to really try to get it back.

ext4magic should be able to do it, I have the command ready to go.

extundelete maybe but that one is unmaintained.

I just put my debian-11.3.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso onto the USB from a dd command and booted from it. There was a 'rescue mode' option. That provided a semi-useless terminal with almost no commands or otherwise it allowed the root partition of the PC to be brought to life in a terminal. So I did that but the partition with the file I wanted to recover being /home was also mounted but I needed it unmounted.

There are a few rescue things out there such as -



...which don't look like they have it.

I just tested


  • dd'd it to the USB and booted it into its terminal. It had a lot of commands but none to recover ext4

Does anyone know where can I find a bootable CD .iso image to put on the USB-stick which will boot into some kind of live system, not insist on partitioning the drive or installing itself, and have available the command ext4magic or otherwise extundelete ?


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ext4magic is on the downloadable systemrescue bootable system which can be seen here: https://www.system-rescue.org/Detailed-packages-list/

  • Thanks for the answer, pleased someone answered that. Had realised it myself in the mean time and was madly trying to recover my file from Luks encrypted volume. A lot of procedure to even get it mounted from the terminal in system-rescue but good the required cryptsetup command was in there as well. Is quite a friendly terminal in the system-rescue image. Anyway, I recovered something in the end with the name of my file but corrupted content. If you type rm by accident you are in God's hands. Next time will try to emergency unmount the volume faster.
    – cardamom
    Commented Aug 17, 2023 at 3:06

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