I am using automake on Debian Squeeze for compiling a very simple C project with 6 source files.

The issue comes when I try to compile the sources using the generated Makefile. One of the sources (ll_socket.c) uses system libraries like and . Those dependencies should appear in the ".deps/ll_socket.Tpo" file automatically generated; however, that file is empty and, therefore, when GCC tries to compile that file, it cannot find the dependencies for the compilation.

Any ideas about how to solve this problem?

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Actually automake -a will take care of everything about dependencies while compiling a program. I have gone through this document 1 & 2 which explains about automake dependencies. I suggest you read that document for more information regards.

  • Let me explain the problem more 'in depth': the program is written in C and is composed of 6 source/headers files: main.c, main.h, configuration.c, configuration.h, ll_socket.c, ll_socket.h. For the "configuration.c", it generates a correct .po file under the ".deps" directory, since it contains a list with all the dependencies that the "configuration.c" file has. However, for the "ll_socket.c" the .po file under the ".deps" directory only contains the "# dummy" line so, when it comes to compile with GCC, dependencies cannot be satisfied.
    – nsx
    May 9, 2013 at 9:20

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