I'm wondering is there any alternative to FileZilla server in Linux?

  • I'm looking for a server with GUI manager which offers nearly zero configuration so I can run and manage FileZilla server within 5 min while PureFTPd needs at least 2 hrs and managing users and groups really painful, especially from a flat file.

  • I tried to use Pure-Admin (GTK manager for PureFTPd) and I found it really stupid by comparison to FileZilla GUI manager


I'd give ProFTPD a look. ProFTPD is just the server daemon but there are several GUIs that you can use to manage it. Also check out the ProFTPD wikipedia page for additional information as well as a link to a comparison of other FTP servers.


GAdmin-ProFTPD is a GTK+ front end for GNOME and KDE, as a part of the GAdmintools collection.


   ss of GAdmin-ProFTPD

proFTPd Administrator

ProFTPD Administrator is a web based GUI. Screenshot are available here. It's built on PHP and uses a MySQL database to track the monitoring data of the ProFTPD server over time.


Here's a shot of a user details page.       ss of user details

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