switched from windows to linux yesterday after 10yrs

Trying to learn linux and it's damn hard just to do normal things my poor 3 brain cells . I literally can say I'm going insane.

Build: Intel i3 530,DH55TC MB no graphic/sound card. OS Debian 12| PulseAudio 16.1

Mapped my line in ,line out, Mic from pc to 5.1 surround speakers connected via 3 analog cables.I used this guide https://gist.github.com/Brainiarc/8ff198a5ac3f0050f68795233c4866d0. Thank you

All front-left,Front-right,Rear-left,Rear-right all working mapped correctly but my front_center mapped to LFE, LFE vice versa. when I press front-center it's coming out subwoofer and front-center giving static when test.I literally have tried diff channel orders in default.pa & daemon.conf but nothing worked.

What changes I have done till now ?

~/.config/pulse/default.pa #add this line set this as my default sink & source

load-module module-combine-sink channels=6 channel_map=front-left,front-right,rear-left,rear-right,front-center,lfe

~/.config/pulse/daemon.conf #add this line

remixing-produce-lfe = yes
remixing-consume-lfe = yes
lfe-crossover-freq = 80
default-sample-channels = 6


Mapping analog-surround-51] device-strings = surround51:%f 
channel-map = front-left,front-right,rear-left,rear-right,front-center,lfe ##changed only this line##
paths-output = analog-output analog-output-lineout analog-output-speaker 
priority = 13 
direction = output

My pactl info

Server String: /run/user/1000/pulse/native
Library Protocol Version: 35
Server Protocol Version: 35
Is Local: yes
Client Index: 5
Tile Size: 65472
User Name: yamihero777
Host Name: !NotPC
Server Name: pulseaudio
Server Version: 16.1
Default Sample Specification: s16le 6ch 44100Hz
Default Channel Map: front-left,front-left-of-center,front-center,front-right,front-right-of-center,rear-center
Default Sink: combined
Default Source: combined.monitor
Cookie: ead8:d297

I really don't understand why Default channel map entirely different. I tried to uncomment

Default Channel map in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf but still issue didn't fix and Pactl info showed the same even after a reboot.

In win 11[diff ssd not dual boot] it's working so can't say hwd issue. Kindly help to resolve this

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Hope this helps for someone.

  • First make sure copy /etc/pulse/daemon.conf & default.pa files to ~/.config/pulse folder

  • go to daemon.conf in config/pulse folder, uncomment only default channel map and set it as following

    • for 5.1: front-left,front-right,rear-left,rear-right,front-center,lfe
    • for 7.1: front-left,front-right,rear-left,rear-right,front-center,lfe,side-left,side-right
  • No changes need to be done in default.pa, just leave as it is.

  • Type in terminal

    killall pulseaudio

    It will restart. If not, type

    pulseaudio --start
  • Now type in terminal

    pactl info

    What you see ,that read by system until this corrected nothing will change

    • default sample channel should be whatever your sound system is
    • default channel map should match with map we set in daemon.conf file in config folder
    • type pacmd list-sinks, select which makes senses to you and by using set-default-sink command set it default. Same goes for sources too .
    • reboot pc and should see you sound system profile (ex: Analog Output 5.1) in pulseaudio control and control center
    • test in control center. All should be fine. If pactl info shows all good but still facing issues like channels routed wrong you need to change cables on the speaker and test it.

After 1 week of trail and error, my sound system up and I got excellent knowledge. Double win. Cheers!

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