I only have the BSSID of the specific target device I want to connect to.

How can I determine the actual Wi-Fi network name that the device is connected to?

I'm using kali linux, and I used crunch 8 14 | aircrack-ng -a2 -b [target device BSSID] -w [file saved using airodump-ng].

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To get the Wi-Fi (SSID) to a specific BSSID, you can use the wash command.

wash is a utility provided by the reaver package.

Install the reaver package:

apt-get install reaver

Use the following command to run wash and scan for nearby access points, replace [INTERFACE] with the name of your wireless network interface:

wash -i [INTERFACE]

wash will display a list of access points along with their BSSID.


Wash Description

reaver | wash Usage Example

How to use the wash command to find WPS enabled routers with Backtrack 5 or Kali Linux

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