I have a file, which contains lines of function name, now I want to use them for code auto completion, and only for file names end with .XXX.

How should I do it, is it possible to work with ctags or Omni plugin?


You can use dictionary completion, i.e.

:setlocal dictionary+=/path/to/your/file

and then trigger the insert-mode completion with <C-x><C-k>; see :help i_CTRL-X_CTRL-K.

If you want this only for filetype xxx, put the :setlocal in ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/xxx.vim.

In contrast, Omni completion gives you more power, but you have to write the completion function yourself. (You could write a function that reads in your file, but why do all the effort when Vim has this built-in?!)

  • That worked after providing an extra au BufRead,BufNewFile *.idc set ft=idc line, but I still prefer OnmiFunc – daisy May 6 '13 at 2:12

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