I am using RHEL 6.4 on a HP-Z620 Workstation.Whenever this machine starts up, it comes up with Graphics Mode e.g. Splash Screen,Red Hat Logo etc.

But I want my machine to start in Text Mode. e.g. I want my machine showing all Kernel Messages(saying which services are being started).

Previous versions of RHEL provided an option

Press I for interactive startup

But this version does not provide that. How to get back that feature?

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Edit /etc/grub.conf back it up first though.

Remove rhgb and quiet


Or just hit the down arrow key when the system boots to switch to no splash.

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    fwiw "quiet" just causes the kernel to not print out as much information. Removal of "rhgb" is sufficient for removing he graphical boot splash.
    – Bratchley
    May 4, 2013 at 20:45

An alternative method is to disable this through plymouth:

plymouth-set-default-plugin text

If you're interested in more about plymouth check out the references to it below. It's what powers the bootsplash for Red Hat based distros.


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